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Thankful in Puerto Vallarta

Welcome to the mid-holidays issue of OnVallartaTime! It’s hard to believe, but Thanksgiving has come and gone, and it’s December already! Here in Puerto Vallarta, one day eases into the next. We always seem to have something to do, even if it’s just parking ourselves on the beach for the day, and before you know it there’s another beautiful sunset and we start all over again. But today is a rainy day, the first we have had this visit, and it’s a perfect opportunity to let all of you know what we’ve been up to.

img_1310A rainy day today…

We had a wonderful time on Thanksgiving! Once again we were invited to our friend Kai Doyle’s house in El Tuito, a small ranching town in the mountains not far from Vallarta. Kai has a house there, Casa del Árbol, so named because it has an avocado tree growing up through the middle of it!  Every year she invites a group of her friends for the holiday. She provides the turkey and dressing, and everybody brings something. This year there were 22 of us.

img_1252Kai in her beautiful garden in El Tuito.

img_1253Here we are gathering for the feast, and taking advantage of what everybody has brought for the bar.

img_1259It’s Julio’s birthday, and here he is with his beautiful wife, Angelica, as we are about to sing Happy Birthday.

img_1267Putting the last touches on the dinner display! That’s the avocado tree trunk with the lights on it.

img_1268Time to start loading up our plates!

img_1266We have a very tasty and fun dinner as the sun goes down behind Kai’s banana trees.

img_1269As designated Entertainment Director, Bob Price arranged for this classical violinist to play after dinner.

img_1273This year we spent the night in Hank And Vicki Lindsey’s guest house in the center of El Tuito. This is the outside of our temporary abode; sorry I didn’t get any good pictures of the inside. We were very comfortable.

img_1285We gathered the next morning at Hank and Vicki’s main house, Casa Victoria, for coffee and quiche.

img_1284Another view of people gathering on the patio.

img_1283A glimpse inside the house. Nice, huh? By the way, Hank and Vicki  visited us last summer in Lincoln City, as did Kai.

img_1288A beautiful wild ginger plant just off the patio.

img_1287Here’s (most of) the whole crew! That’s Hank Lindsey front and center. Vicki is taking the picture.

So that’s why we are so thankful to be in Puerto Vallarta — fun, friends, and festivities! And it’s such a beautiful place. Here are a few more pictures to close out this post.

img_1222Here’s our fruit salad waiting to happen.

img_1221A Mexican flag VW bug, for Mexican Independence Day.

img_1236A serene sunset at the Los Muertos pier.

img_1300Peggy and I were resting, having ice cream for lunch at the Galerias Mall, when a youth mariachi band gathered, part of the mall’s anniversary celebration! That’s Peggy in the back under the Thrifty Ice Cream sign.

img_1305A sure sign Christmas is coming — the mall is decorated!

And finally, this gem:

img_1034Santa is on vacation in Puerto Vallarta, strolling the Malecón!

Well, that’s it for this issue of OnVallartaTime! Hope you enjoyed it! See you next time!