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Here We Go Again!

Hello again and welcome to OnVallartaTime! My last post was at the end of February just before we left Puerto Vallarta. Now we are ready to return to continue the adventure!

Those of you who followed this blog last year will remember that before we left Puerto Vallarta last spring, we rented an apartment for this year with a plan to stay all winter. But first, we wanted to sell our much-loved Lake Oswego house and buy a smaller “retirement house” on the Oregon coast. It wasn’t easy, but we accomplished our goals over the summer. We finally have our cozy beach house set up the way we want it, and now we are ready to head back south, down the Pacific coast about 2,000 miles to Puerto Vallarta.

We will be arriving in PV on Wednesday, Oct. 22nd, in time to celebrate Peggy’s birthday a few days later (it’s a BIG birthday this year)! We are likely to melt; temps there are in the 90’s with humidity to match, quite a change from our cool Oregon coast weather. We expect it to be pretty hot for the first month or so, then it will moderate to more perfect weather as the “high season” gets into full swing. Thankfully, we will have air conditioning and ceiling fans in our apartment.


Our Puerto Vallarta apartment, the middle floor with the pillars on the terrace.

We rented the apartment just before we left last year, and we haven’t stayed there yet, so we’re not completely sure what to expect. This time we will have our own place, paying our own utilities, etc, most of which will be new to us. But the apartment is in such a good location, just a few level blocks to the beach, and all the basics are there: a bed, kitchen table and chairs and other basic furniture, plus some kitchen stuff and a TV, so how bad could it be?

Last year I posted to this blog weekly. I’m not sure how it will play out this time; five months is a long time and I don’t want to show you boring, repetitive stuff. But I still plan to chronicle our adventure again. So stay tuned — sign up at the bottom of the page to get email notices of new posts.

In the next few months, we are sure to be  visited by family and friends. If you plan to be in the neighborhood let us know.


This is the beach at Lincoln City, Oregon, near our house. We will be travelling south down the beach about 2,000 miles to…


image The beach at Puerto Vallarta!