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Hola, and welcome to our blog, a chronicle of our adventures in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico!

My name is Greg White, and my wife is Peggy Remsen. We are finally retired after many years of earning a living in challenging jobs, me from public service, and Peggy from the high tech business world. While we were still working, we vacationed in Puerto Vallarta for 10 years, never for more than two weeks at a time. Once we retired, we threw caution to the winds and rented a condo in our chosen vacation spot for three months, to see if we would enjoy an extended stay.

Well, we did enjoy it! We enjoyed it so much that we rented an apartment year round with the plan to spend our winters in Mexico. So this will be the sixth year of our Puerto Vallarta adventure! Every year in the fall, we close up our house near the beach in Lincoln City, Oregon and head south once again. The adventure continues!

I have had a love affair with Mexico since I participated in a life-changing exchange program as a freshman in college. I find Mexico’s people, culture and history irresistible. I speak fluent Spanish, and Peggy is learning fast. We love waking up in our beautiful, comfortable Puerto Vallarta apartment and greeting another perfectly sunny day. We see old friends and make new ones. We spend lots of time on the beach and discover new places too.

We have created this blog for you, our family and friends. Every day we pick up more readers, and the circle widens. Our purpose is to share our Puerto Vallarta time with you. We hope that we can show you more of our life in a place we have grown to love.

17 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Thanks to Bruce and Mary’s blog we found you. We’re looking forward to hearing more. Being recently retired, we stay two months in PV. It was interesting to hear about the underwear. The things we take for granted. K

  2. Hi Greg, We will get to PV Saturday, 1/17 and will be there for 2 months. So it is coming fast. Hope we can meet. We would love to hear about your PV adventures. Karen and Bob

  3. Hey, Greg and Peggy,
    My first attempt at blog communication. Pitiful.
    Looking forward to seeing Greg and Scott in a couple of days….
    love to Peggy……

    1. Hi Jan, just looked at this since the blog is on hiatus. We had a great visit, and thanks for reading the blog!

  4. Peggy, I am still wondering if you are the Peggy Remsen who grew up in Mt. Prospect, Illinois. Please let me know.
    Priscilla (Bussert) Fanning

  5. Great site, I just discovered it. Martha and I are from Rochester NY. Marthas brother owns Jr. Suites on Aquille Serdan. Now that Martha is retired, we will be spending more time in PVR and look forward to reading about your experiences. We are registered on the Expats site as well….

      1. Great Greg, we will be in town for the month of January and will send you an email. We like happy hour at Casa Fantasia on Pino Suarez.

  6. Hi Greg and Peggy,

    I’m an ‘old’ friend of Peggy’s…college, Chicago, and San Diego. Didn’t know you had a blog, but always enjoy your Facebook photos and comments from Mexico. Happy to hear that you are living the good life in retirement.

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