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Getting Ready

Our House
Our House

Well, here we are, close to the end of November already. One week from today we will set off for three months in Puerto Vallarta! As you can see it’s late fall here in the Northwest. Most of the leaves are down. We have gray skies, light rain, and cold, damp nights. We’ve had our first frost. Winter, with its stormy rain and freezing temperatures, is right around the corner. But this year, we will miss most of it!

We have been vacationing in Puerto Vallarta for ten years, mostly in the south side area, and for no more than two weeks at a time. But now that we’ve retired, and are figuring out what to do with the rest of our lives, we are going for it – from December to March, three months! We rented a condo, sight unseen (just pictures on the Internet), but we are familiar with the area and it looks OK. No AC, but we figure we’ll get used to the heat, and the temp and humidity should be coming down by the time we arrive. We will be a block and a half from the beach, a real plus.

Now we are dealing with shutting down our house for that long. We are talking to the alarm and utility companies, are learning about draining and shutting off the water to the outside faucets, thermostat setting, etc. All bills are on line. Family and friends will be checking on the house weekly. What else is there to do? We have lists within lists, so hopefully we aren’t forgetting anything!

Puerto Vallarta, here we come! Our beach chairs, just waiting for us!

Beach Chairs Small